McDaniel Family Feed, LLC


Family owned feed company focusing on quality feed at affordable prices.
Carrying a full line of Nemo and Meiss Feeds. Give our feed a try.
We are not an 8 to 5 feed store. If you need feed call and set up a time for us to meet.

Nemo Feed Product List

Species Product
Chicken Non-GMO Broiler Starter
Chicken Chicken Starter
Chicken 16% Layer Mash
Chicken 16% Non-GMO Layer Mash
Goat 18% Kid Starter DX45
Goat 18% RCS Show Kid Developer
Goat MLS #9 Goat Tub
Goat 32% Goat Con. with Nutro Core
Horse 12% Econo Horse Feed
Rabbit 18% Rabbit Grower
Rabbit 17% Family Rabbit
Swine 16% G/F Swine
Turkey 26% Non-GMO Turkey Starter

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